Culture Without Borders


A desire to work and a will to commit are the basic requirements needed in order to participate as a volunteer in the cultural center in Polikastro (northern Greece), which OCC coordinates.

You should keep the following general aspects and requirements in mind:

  • Volunteers should ideally be over 23 years of age. However, gender, marital status, race, social and/or economic status is of no relevance.
  • Be healthy enough to employ the required labour in a project with these characteristics.
  • It would be convenient if the volunteer were available for a stay of a minimum of one month so as to give the project continuity.
  • We recommend having some experience with teaching and/or experience in leading activities of a recreational/cultural nature with children (as well as adults).
  • We recommend having previous experience in international volunteers programs.
  • Fluency in spoken English/German.
  • There is a high demand for people who speak some Arabic, Kurdish and/or Farsi as communication can be a problem.
  • Ability to adapt to multi-cultural environments.


Thank you to everyone who makes this project possible
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