Culture Without Borders

What we do

Based in Polikastro and Barcelona, we are an association based in volunteering that works towards the inclusion of refugees through education and culture activities for refugees in Spain, Greece and France.

We currently have two programs of action in the association. The first collects all educational and cultural programs for refugees stuck in Greece, through which we have set up four informal schools in a number of refugee camps and urban areas in the last year.

The second program consists in projects aimed towards providing information, raising awareness, sensitivity and cultural exchange throughout Catalonia and France from an artistic, educational and linguistic perspective.

Both programs are coordinated and supported by teams of local and international volunteers as well as refugees.

At the same time we are building networks, exchanging opinions and initiating collaborations in the educational community throughout Catalonia fo as to make room for new suggestions for action, to inform and raise awareness about the reality of refugees, breaking stereotypes and promoting Catalonia as a welcoming ground.

Thank you to everyone who makes this project possible
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