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Polikastro Cultural Center

Polykastro is a city in the Northern area of Greece where we have opened a center. This is the first Open Cultural Center to be opened outside of the camps. Why is this?

The international pressure exerted by the difficult winter conditions in Greece have forced the Greek government to relocate the most vulnerable refugees to appartments and hotels. This mainly happens as a reult of the complaints made by smaller organisations. Examples of vulnerability: families with children, single mothers, women that have been freed from difficult situations withtin their families and people with disabilities.

Being outside of the camps in, in large part, a very positive change. However, it is in fact in the camps where they have the medical services, schools and normally some form of community/artistic space that has been built and supported by organisations like Open Cultural Center. Outside the camps these services do not exist.

After the closing of the camps where we worked, the volunteers continued to give classes in the new living areas of the families. But these spaces were far from providing an ideal working and learning space, neither for the families that tried to manage a house nor for the volunteers.

For all of these reasons and in virtue of exhaustive interviews to the community whicb indicated their willing to help out with the new project, Open Cultural Center opens a venue in the city of Polykastro with the support of 80 students and several others that we hope will be interested in the project thanks to the work of the volunteers.

Thank you to everyone who makes this project possible
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