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Sounio Cultural Center

The Sounio camp is located 60km south of the Greece capital, in the Atica region. 

The camp was opened in March 2016 and has a capacity for up to 400 people, most of which are children. It is a mixed camp where Syrians, Palestinians, Iraqis, Kurds and Afghans live together.

The OCC starts its work in the camp towards the beginning of June with the opening of the Sounio Cultural Center. 

This project has 4 areas of work: 

  • The construction of a physical space for cultural activities and education.
  • An education program of foreign languages for children and adults. 
  • A cultural program for children and adults. 
  • Help to improve the camp. 

These areas of work are done respection the objectives of the project. 

  • To empower refugees through the undertaking of responsibilities such as teaching, leading workshops and being responsible for the administration of projects.  They should have an occupation and maintain their professional skills. 
  • Create a safe and structured environment in the refugee camps for the children, where they can play, learn and continue to have a healthy lifestyle.
  • To provide a space where both children and adults can busy themselves with work, express themselves creatively and have a sense of community as well as develop their academic, social and physical abilities and alleviate stress.
  • To facilitate cultural exchange among refugees and local communities, shelter and volunteers.

This project wouldn't be possible without the help of the following groups and organizations:

  • Mercy Corps
  • Contaminando Sonrisas

The OCC team is not working at the camp at this time due to the lack of an authorization permit, and is therefore temporarily inactive.  

Thank you to everyone who makes this project possible
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