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Open Cultural Center (OCC)

We are a non-profit organisation active in Spain and Greece. Together with our community of volunteers, we work to support the inclusion of people with a migration background. All our work is carried out in close collaboration with our local and international partners.

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The EU’s welcoming of Ukraine refugees: remarkable or discriminatory?

The EU showed a compassionate and coordinated response towards those fleeing Ukraine, albeit showing worrying signs of double standards within their migration policies. In this edition of Insights by OCC, we examine the EU’s response to the emergency with critical eyes.

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Can culture be translated? Discover how with the new TOCL Methodology!

As part of the European project TOCL, which Open Cultural Center coordinates, we just published the guide ‘Translating Culture. Training Manual’.

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What does OCC do to protect the planet?

In an era marked by climate change and natural catastrophes, the intersection of environmental sustainability and migration has become an increasingly urgent and complex challenge. We just published a guide containing all our efforts to protect the planet as an NGO!

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Our projects in Spain

In Spain, OCC’s work primarily takes place in Barcelona, home to our three main programs: MigraCode, CodeWomen, and the Language Lab. We also operate in Moianès region, where we implement Youth 4 All.

OCC Spain

Our projects in Greece

In Greece, OCC is located in Polykastro, near the Greek-Macedonian border and 4km from the Nea Kavala refugee camp. We offer a variety of programs to support camp residents, such as a bus service, a kindergarten, a Women's Space, and classes for children and adults.

OCC Greece

Discover our book ‘My Friend!’

Created in the refugee camp of Cherso (Greece). With the words and drawings by children in the refugee camp, the book explains the journey of refugees to arrive in Greece.

My Friend

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