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Open Cultural Center (OCC)

We are a non-profit organisation active in Spain and Greece. Together with our community of volunteers, we work to support the inclusion of people with a migration background. All our work is carried out in close collaboration with our local and international partners.

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Our projects in Spain

In Spain, OCC’s work primarily takes place in Barcelona, home to our three main programs: MigraCode, CodeWomen, and the Language Lab. We also operate in Moianès region, where we implement Youth 4 All.

OCC Spain

Our projects in Greece

In Greece, OCC is located in Polykastro, near the Greek-Macedonian border and 4km from the Nea Kavala refugee camp. We offer a variety of programs to support camp residents, such as a bus service, a kindergarten, a Women's Space, and classes for children and adults.

OCC Greece

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Nea Kavala camp residents: their contexts in the Middle East

In this article written by one of our short-term ESC in OCC Greece, we examine the different contexts in the home countries of the people living in Nea Kavala camp.

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We are hiring: Could you be the new Volunteer Coordinator of OCC Greece?

Are you an organized individual eager to help run a successful volunteer program? Do you have an interest in the nonprofit sector and/or migration? Join us at Open Cultural Center, an NGO working towards the inclusion of migrant and refugee people through education, housing, labour insertion, and social innovation activities.

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Crete and Gavdos: the possibility of a new smuggling route and the hypocrisy behind migration agreements

Historically, boats that leave Libya generally have gone to Italy. However, during the past months, more and more ships from the North African country have reached Greece, in the two islands of Crete and Gavdos.
Once again, the agreements so-called “deterrents” are only increasing injustice at the borders.

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