A column by Rosa Montero: “Secar un charco de lágrimas”

Last year, we received the honour to be mentioned in an article by Rosa Montero,  an award-winning journalist for the Spanish newspaper El País and an author of contemporary fiction.

Her article was about those who “teach us that alleviating even a small portion of pain is the only thing that will save us all”, and she mentioned the volunteers from OCC as an example of that:

These everyday angels are between 20 and 42 years old; there is a naval engineer, students, social workers, computer scientists, teachers, unemployed… They do not have the funds to keep the cultural centers in constant operation so they have to take turns; that is, the volunteers usually spend about a month there [in Greece] and then return to Spain to make a living.

Due to copyright reasons we haven’t put the full article on our website, but you can read it here on the website of El País.