How to build a stronger integration strategy for people with a migration background: the INTEgreat Project

Spain’s current policies are slightly more inclusive than those of other EU countries. As part of the INTEgreat project, OCC conducted research on integration in Spain in the areas of health, employment, training, and social cohesion. The conclusions were clear: findings from the research show that newcomers face several obstacles in accessing essential services. 

Colombia: when peace and conflict coexist

What is going on in Colombia after the election of a historically leftist government?
Did the peace agreement really bring a stop to violence in the country? Is there hope for the new government? Nelly and Lucía, two Colombian women who migrated to Spain, tell us their stories to help us get closer to the reality of Buenaventura, a port on Colombia’s Pacific coast. A place full of contradictions, that summarises many of the main issues of the country, where prosperity and poverty clash into violence, but where the potential of a future Colombia can already be perceived.

In the search for identity

“I hope my story helps other people”. That is what Ivana concluded after talking to us, since her story is one of many changes: from living in Peru to moving to Spain, from working as an accountant to studying data analytics, and finally from being assigned male at birth to becoming who she is: a woman.

Job opportunity: Program Manager at Open Cultural Center Greece

OCC Greece is looking for a Program Manager to oversee OCC projects and programming. The Program Manager has oversight of all OCC’s activity and she/he is responsible for the efficient functioning of the project and is the primary point of communication with the organization’s headquarters in Barcelona. She/he is responsible for external relations and for the management of human resources.