In Spain, OCC’s work primarily takes place in Barcelona, particularly in the neighbourhood of El Born, where its main office is located. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia. Considered a diverse and multicultural center in Europe, is home to over 300,000 people from different parts of the world.

Throughout its activities, OCC focuses on creating inclusive communities and opportunities for exchange between local inhabitants and newcomers both from other European countries and from all over the world. In this way, it also facilitates people’s knowledge of the city.

Language Lab

In Language Lab in the heart of Barcelona, we offer a wide range of free language classes for members of our NGO. Our membership for those who want to join the classes is only 20 euros per month.

Migrant and refugee people can join cost-free if they meet our scholarship criteria.

MigraCode Barcelona

Migracode acts as a bridge between the demand for skilled people in the tech sector and people with a migration background who are eager to work in the tech industry. Founded in 2019, we are cooperating with other code schools in Europe to build a large community of companies and students to foster both labor integration as well as social inclusion.


CodeWomen is an empowering and supportive community for women (including trans and non-binary) in the tech field. We provide personal tech and career support. CodeWomen offers its members a safe environment to share their plans, ambitions, doubts, and questions with each other. By building this community, CodeWomen stimulates professional as well as personal growth. The project was started under the umbrella of MigraCode, in order to work towards the successful graduation of its female students as Junior Web Developers and to address the often difficult position of women in the mostly male tech world.

Youth 4 All

Youth for All is a project of emancipation and autonomy for newcomer youth in rural areas. Carried out by OCC Spain, it is aimed at youngsters with a migration background who don’t have family and/or adult references in Catalonia and have been left without the state protection. Minors (under the age of 18) receive protection from the State, but once they reach the age of 18, they no longer have access to this support. Within this project, OCC provides them with housing, training, and support. The project is located in Moianès, a rural area in central Catalonia, and the training provided ranges from agricultural, forestry and/or digital skills, as well as language classes and volunteering activities.