Bus service by OCC Greece

The Nea Kavala camp is an hour’s walk from Polykastro, the main urban center in the area. The villagers have to face long journeys to get to classes, participate in city activities or even go shopping. Another factor of discrimination that adds to the long list of difficulties that life in a refugee camp entails.

At OCC we have fought to smooth out this inconvenience and bring the city closer to Nea Kavala. With this, we are taking a giant step forward in this regard.

OCC launches a new free bus service that will bring students from the countryside and the city of Axiopolis to the centers of the organization located in Polykastro on a daily basis. A small change that will make a big difference for our students: it will save frustrations related to the long commutes to the city and will mean added motivation for those who could not attend classes simply due to lack of time.