Read the TOCL Newsletter #2

TOCL (‘Translation of Cultural Language’) is a European project coordinated by Open Cultural Center. It combines culture and language learning to facilitate the inclusion of migrant and refugee communities into local communities. In particular, it aims at developing an interactive e-learning platform to allow migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers to learn their host country’s culture as well as the local language, and thus support their integration in Europe.

Cofinançat per la Unió Europea, aquest projecte és possible gràcies a la col·laboració entre 6 organitzacions associades a tot Europa: OCC (Espanya), Universidad de Almeria (Espanya), Mygrants (Itàlia), Synthesis Center for Research and Education (Xipre), Yourtranslator (Grècia), Second Tree (Grècia) i ZRC SAZU (Eslovènia).

Check the pàgina web oficial for more details about the project!

Find below the TOCL Newsletter #2 (03/2022).