Can culture be translated? Discover how with the new TOCL Methodology!

As part of the European project TOCL, we just published the guide ‘Translating Culture. Training Manual. TOCL (Translation of Cultural Languages) is a European project coordinated by Open Cultural Center in collaboration with 6 partner organisations: Universidad de Almería (Spain), Mygrants (Italy), Second Tree (Greece), Yourtranslator (Greece), Synthesis (Cyprus), and ZRC SAZU (Slovenia). It aims to create an online platform that incorporates culture into language education for migrants and refugees in Europe.

For several years, the migrant crisis and the need for migrant social inclusion have become a priority across the EU, and cultural education plays a paramount role in fighting the marginalisation of people with a migration background and ensuring their social inclusion. Following this trend, there is a need to educate migrant communities on cultural elements specific to the hosting countries and regions while addressing their language knowledge. And this is what this guide is about!

If you are a practitioner working as a linguistic mediator, cultural facilitator, educator, social worker, language teacher, or operator at NGOs working with migrants involved and trained in the activities, with the TOCL Methodology you will acquire increased knowledge on how to deliver cultural education to migrant people. Check it out!

TOCL is co-funded by the European Union through Erasmus+.