A Lost Paradise: Identity Quest from the Palestinian Diaspora

Continuing our series of Insights by OCC, in this second article we explore the relationship that Palestinian displaced youth, born and raised in refugee camps or in diaspora, have with Palestine and their sense of identity. We will retrace how their sense of belonging to Palestine can be constructed through three different voices, while providing an overview of the situation of Palestinian refugees in different Arab countries.

How to build a stronger integration strategy for people with a migration background: the INTEgreat Project

Spain’s current policies are slightly more inclusive than those of other EU countries. As part of the INTEgreat project, OCC conducted research on integration in Spain in the areas of health, employment, training, and social cohesion. The conclusions were clear: findings from the research show that newcomers face several obstacles in accessing essential services. 

Gaza and Nea Kavala: When your dreams pull you apart

Hala Riziq (Palestine) and Ghulam Hussein Azimi (Afghanistan) do not know each other. They come from different countries and different generations. Hala is a mother and holds a position of responsibility in the NGO she works for. Hussein is a son and hasn’t finished his studies yet. However, they have a lot in common. Both had to say goodbye to family members for the same reason: seeking a better future.

Colombia: when peace and conflict coexist

What is going on in Colombia after the election of a historically leftist government?
Did the peace agreement really bring a stop to violence in the country? Is there hope for the new government? Nelly and Lucía, two Colombian women who migrated to Spain, tell us their stories to help us get closer to the reality of Buenaventura, a port on Colombia’s Pacific coast. A place full of contradictions, that summarises many of the main issues of the country, where prosperity and poverty clash into violence, but where the potential of a future Colombia can already be perceived.

Leaving Greece, and then what?

These last days in Polykastro have been full of changes: many families who had been waiting for years to complete their asylum process are getting international protection or refugee status and are leaving Greece. This would therefore seem to be the end of the exhausting migration journey, but actually it is not; it’s just another step on a path full of challenges.