Make Dolma!

Dolma can hardly compete with any other food, and is important at every table in the Middle East. It is particularly renowned in Iraq, but is also a typical dish in many other Middle Eastern countries such as Palestine, Lebanon and Syria.

Make Afghan Sesame Bread!

This beautiful, fluffy bread is a common feature of the Afghan cuisine. We typically eat this for breakfast in Afghanistan. It is delicious, can be eaten with anything and is easy to make. Here’s how!

Make Baba Ganoush!

The name ‘baba ganoush’ derives from the Arabic phrase, ‘baba gannuj’, in which baba can mean father, daddy or an endearment, and gannuj can be translated as pampered. The popular dish originates in Lebanon but has become a quintessential feature of everyday Arabic cuisine.

Humanity before politics

“Good news from Italy. Following a period of political and social closure, new scenarios appear on the horizon. Italy in recent decades has represented a country subjected to huge migratory waves: a lot of statistics have been shared, which often favored a growing situation of unjustified fear in the population.”

Roy’s ESC volunteer experience at OCC Barcelona

“Some of my favorite memories when I started my new life were the lessons, learning new languages and doing things I love such as my favorite sport which is swimming. Completing my project with OCC was also a dream come true. Last but not least, one of my favorite moments was meeting with my family.”

Vicky’s European Volunteering experience

In the past I have worked as a volunteer in several organizations, that directly or indirectly manage diverse groups, but I never had the opportunity to get really involved. Cooperating with Open Cultural Center, is a totally different experience. Not only I come across with different activities and get involved in different projects, but also have the opportunity to get in touch with people that I could never get in touch before.