Humanity before politics

“Good news from Italy. Following a period of political and social closure, new scenarios appear on the horizon. Italy in recent decades has represented a country subjected to huge migratory waves: a lot of statistics have been shared, which often favored a growing situation of unjustified fear in the population.”

Roy’s ESC volunteer experience at OCC Barcelona

“Some of my favorite memories when I started my new life were the lessons, learning new languages and doing things I love such as my favorite sport which is swimming. Completing my project with OCC was also a dream come true. Last but not least, one of my favorite moments was meeting with my family.”

Vicky’s European Volunteering experience

In the past I have worked as a volunteer in several organizations, that directly or indirectly manage diverse groups, but I never had the opportunity to get really involved. Cooperating with Open Cultural Center, is a totally different experience. Not only I come across with different activities and get involved in different projects, but also have the opportunity to get in touch with people that I could never get in touch before.