Children, migration, and the need for safe spaces

A relevant question when working with refugee children is “what does it mean to be a refugee child?”. Many children experience the first phase of migration with confusion and disorientation. All these changes can create a psychological vulnerability that often manifests in trauma, development dysfunctions, communication, and socialization difficulties.

In the search for identity

“I hope my story helps other people”. That is what Ivana concluded after talking to us, since her story is one of many changes: from living in Peru to moving to Spain, from working as an accountant to studying data analytics, and finally from being assigned male at birth to becoming who she is: a woman.

World Refugee Day 2022: Safety for all

Today we celebrate the #WorldRefugeeDay, an international day issued by the United Nations that falls every year on the 20th of June.

It is a way to honour the courage and the strength of millions of refugees, who, every year, are forced to flee from their own country, and an occasion to highlight which are the rights everyone should be entitled to.

Yemen: seven years of silence

The war in Yemen is not one of those conflicts that we hear about on the news every week. However, this country is experiencing what some call the worst humanitarian crisis happening in the world right now. Our OCC interns Serin and Dionne had a conversation with Akram, one of our long-term ESC volunteers, who is from Yemen.