The story of Hareth from Iraq

When I was in Iraq I was working as a psychologist in a courthouse with a judge. After this, I worked as a marriage counsellor and social worker. I really enjoyed my job because I was able to talk to people, listen to their problems and use my skills to help them. I also worked as a legal secretary for six months and in customer service. Up until now everything was fine in my life.

The story of Mouaz from Syria

First thing, I was in Damascus. In Damascus, there was war and the control system began. For me, it was very dangerous to stay there because the army would have taken me, so after the system began, we had a decision to stay or flee. So I decided to flee because to stay, I would have to be a part of the sides that are fighting and I didn’t want that.

The story of Daljeet from India

I came to Spain in 2012, but I lived in Badalona. Spain is life good. Two years back, I didn’t like it here. Before I was in Germany. Now Indian politics are very corrupt. India itself is very beautiful, and the people are great. Spain is very similar to India. Beautiful beaches, people, and land. I come to Spain to make a future for myself, to work.