Volunteering by Salesforce

On May 14, 35 volunteers from the Dutch Branch of Salesforce.com came together for a day of service at the OCC Barcelona. The multicultural team of professionals undertook workshops for our team and beneficiaries, and executed IT, electrical and construction work in our center.

Introduction to our new volunteers!

“I am a greek volunteer in Barcelona. I have studied applied informatics and Dairy science, both in Greece. I love to listen and play music, to hike and to explore new cultures and languages. I love nature, especially mountains and I would like living my life in a mountain running a farm but for sure having time for travels.”

Amic Meu

El llibre Amic Meu! explica el viatge dels refugiats il·lustrat i narrat per infants. Es tracta d’un projecte d’Open Cultural Center l’objectiu del qual és augmentar la conscienciació sobre la realitat de milers de persones desplaçades per culpa de la guerra, les quals estan en procés d’empobriment i es troben en una situació d’estancament sense sortida.

The theater play ‘El Mur (The Wall)’

Last Saturday, 17 November 2018, Open Cultural Center had a collaboration with Trenca Escenaris and Centre Sant Pere de Apostol to hold a theatre performance called El Mur. Since this was a charity event, the entrance was free but the audience could donate. “El Mur” means “The Wall” in Catalan, and it refers to the wall that prevents the displaced people entering the European countries.