The theater play ‘El Mur (The Wall)’

Last Saturday, 17 November 2018, Open Cultural Center had a collaboration with Trenca Escenaris and Centre Sant Pere de Apostol to hold a theatre performance called El Mur. Since this was a charity event, the entrance was free but the audience could donate. “El Mur” means “The Wall” in Catalan, and it refers to the wall that prevents the displaced people entering the European countries.

Nuestros libro: “Mi amigo”

El libro ¡Amigo Mío! explica el viaje de las personas refugiadas a través de ilustraciones realizadas por los propios niños y niñas. Se trata de un proyecto de Open Cultural Center el objetivo del cual es aumentar la sensibilización y conscienciación sobre la situación de millones de personas desplazadas como resultado de la guerra.

Refugee Crisis: Rohingya Refugees

Just over a year ago, in August 2017, crisis struck in a part of Myanmar called the Rakhine state, of where the Rohingya people reside. Approximately 700,000 people escaped and crossed the border to Bangladesh to flee from the Myanmar Army. The Army began undergoing a crackdown on what the United Nations have described as “textbook ethnic cleansing.”

Refugee Crisis: Yemen

As of March this year there were a reported 40,000 casualties. This war has led to many people fleeing their homes in search of safety and the UNHCR estimates that approximately 2 million people have fled and another 20 million Yemenis are still in need of humanitarian assistance such as healthcare or food as they are at high risk of serious illness and injury and also starvation.

Forced migration continues in 2017

According to a recent UNHCR report, 68.5 million people were displaced worldwide in 2017. These included refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced persons, returning refugees or stateless people. More than half of the refugees were children under 18. This movement was the result of persecution, conflict, and generalized violence.