Bus service by OCC Greece

The Nea Kavala camp is an hour’s walk from Polykastro, the main urban center in the area. The villagers have to face long journeys to get to classes, participate in city activities or even go shopping. Another factor of discrimination that adds to the long list of difficulties that life in a refugee camp entails.

Cultural Evenings in Barcelona

In our Cultural Center in Barcelona we organise many ‘Cultural Evenings’. During these nights, we always set a certain cultural theme, often in the context of a specific country. Everyone is welcome at these events, and often the evenings are visited by locals, refugees, migrants and expats altogether.

Language classes

In our Cultural Center in the heart of Barcelona we offer a wide range of free language classes for members of our organisation (membership is only 10 euros a month). While for instance the Spanish classes are given by locals, many of the other classes are given by refugees or migrants who have arrived in Barcelona.

Migracode Barcelona: Code Academy

Migracode is a European cooperation by various Non-Profit Organisations that promotes labour integration and social inclusion of youth refugees and migrants. By first supporting them with the development of advanced programming skills, the project then connects these groups to the labour market and therewith supports their long-term integration.


For people living in refugee camps, the capacity of circulation outside the camp not only allows their mobility, but a greater degree of autonomy and the potential integration in the territory by having easy access to basic social needs and services provided in the near urban areas.

Refugee School

Refuge School is an educational program of promotion and awareness which starts after the book My Friend!, a book elaborated by children from the refugees camp of Cherso (Greece) with the collaboration of volunteers form OCC. The book had a very good diffusion and reception in all Catalonia and...

‘My Friend’ Book

The book “My Friend!” is a project by Open Cultural Center that was created in the refugee camp of Cherso, to the north of Thessaloniki. With the words and drawings by children in the refugee camp, it explains the journey of refugees to arrive in Greece.