How our book was created: ‘My Friend’

VIDEO: The book My Friend The refugee’s journey explained and illustrated by the children, is a new project by Open Cultural Center whose objective is to raise awareness and public sensitivity regarding the reality of thousands of refugees as a result of war lasting months and years, getting poorer every day and stuck in a present with no solution.

Cherso Cultural Center

VIDEO: In Cherso there has been a refugee camp since February 2016, which has managed to shelter over 2,000 refugees. This camp lacked a school and the organization of cultural activities, so towards the beginning of June we decided to start a cultural center project in the camp in collaboration with the organization of Inter European Human Aid Organization (IHA).

Photography Workshop by From Inside Project and Open Cultural Center

VIDEO: “I think photography is a powerful way to explain the world about our life”, said one of the displaced people. As we know, photography is not the easiest but also the most effective way to deliver the message. This is the main reason why we held a photography workshop for the refugees in our camp. Hopefully, the message will make understanding between European people and displaced people.