Cherso Cultural Center

In Cherso there has been a refugee camp since February 2016, which has managed to shelter over 2,000 refugees.

This camp lacked a school and the organization of cultural activities, so towards the beginning of June we decided to start a cultural center project in the camp in collaboration with the organization of InterEuropean Human Aid Organization (IHA).

This project has 4 areas of work:

  • The construction of a physical space for cultural activities and education.
  • An educational project for children and adults.
  • A cultural program for children and adults.
  • Help to improve the camp.

These areas of work are done respecting the objectives of the project:

  • To empower the refugees through the undertaking of responsibilities as well as teaching, leading workshops and project administration. They should have an occupation and maintain their professional skills.
  • To create a safe and structured environment in the refugee camps for the children, where they can play, learn and continue to have a healthy lifestyle.
  • To provide a space where both children and adults can busy themselves with work, express themselves creatively and have a sense of community as well as develop their academic, social and physical abilities and alleviate stress.
  • To facilitate cultural exchange among refugees and local communities, shelter and volunteers.