Corporate Social Responsibility

Why CSR?

It is becoming significantly important to not just think about company profits, but also about how a company can make a positive social impact in society.

By being a socially responsible company, many benefits arise. This is also understood as Shared Value: gaining competitive advantage while strengthening vulnerable communities in Spain or Greece.


There are two ways to get involved as an official CSR Partner of MigraCode: by hiring our beneficiaries, and by financing our programs/activities.

On this specific page, you can read about how and why to become an official Corporate Social Responsibility partner of Open Cultural Center and use all the advantages of a successful CSR Program.

What is the shared value for your company?

Depending on the level of your involvement, many benefits arise for your organisation and demonstrate to partners and competition how your organisation is making a positive social impact.

Pre-hiring selection of our beneficiaries

Regular social media dissemination

Influence on our curriculums

Company name exclusively used for sponsored activities/projects

Designated page on our website about the collaboration

Who trusted us already through our MigraCode program?

Through our MigraCode Barcelona program – a tech academy for refugees and migrants – we have already successfully created and further developed CSR partnerships with various corporate partners from the tech sector, as you can see below.

Lenovo & MigraCode

“Migracode is a perfect example of Smarter Technology for All. We believe we have a responsibility to ensure equitable access to tech, because when technology, innovation, and opportunity are available to more people, entire communities benefit from the solutions and improvements that emerge. We are so proud to partner with Migracode and hope that our technology can play a small but direct role in these students’ futures.”

Monica Hauser Wolff, Lenovo Foundation Director

Are you interested in starting or improving your Corporate Social Responsibility Program? Fill out the form through the button below to offer sponsorship or contact us directly at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.