Discover the toolkit by REBECO: a guide for good practices on inclusion and communication on migration

RE.BE.CO, a European project in which OCC has been collaborating as a partner, recently finished. The project REfugees BEcome COunselors and trainers seeks to promote the inclusion of young migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in European countries. With this aim, it brings together four partners: the Swedish organisation !Fall, the Italian organisation Partecipazione e Sviluppo, and Open Cultural Center Spain and Greece.

After two years of work and exchange of knowledge among the partners, the main result of the project has been the publication of a “Best practices operational toolkit“, which collects the most significant factors that emerged during the project and presents best practices for accompanying young migrants in paths that allow them to build an autonomous and fulfilling dimension of life both in terms of integration within the host communities and in terms of project satisfaction at the base of the migration project.

It has been translated into English, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Greek, Arabic, and French.

This project is funded by the European Union through Eramsus+.