ESC experience of one of our volunteers in Italy

Enric was carrying out his ESC project in our partner organisation in Italy called Vicolocorto. He learned a lot, met great people and shared his experience in order to motivate others to participate in such projects.

I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer in Italy for 7 months, in which I learned a lot of things, such as how to live with people from other customs or different cultures. I have also learned how to manage a salary and other things.

I have improved my English and learned the basics of a new language for me, Italian.

During the project I have been doing different types of work, such as during the summer I was in a “Summer Camp” as a monitor, and during the winter months we were in different centers. One of aggregation, called “Totem”, in which I worked with all kinds of people, mainly young people, who had some disability, in “Aias”, a day centre for the disabled and in “Azobé” a centre that helped the children with school tasks, and my role was to help the children with the duties of Spanish mainly.

My classmates and I also went for a series of weeks to the primary schools explaining where we came from and what we were doing there at the time. We also took the opportunity to explain some curiosities about our countries.