We have extensive experience in collaborating with other NGOs across Europe, which allows us to better connect local communities with migrant and refugee communities to have a greater impact. These collaborations are made possible with the support of the European Commission.

Ongoing projects

Ukraine Now aims to raise awareness across Europe about refugee movements after media coverage decreases, in order to develop new approaches to communication on migration.

It brings together four organisations at the European level: Mareena (Slovakia), ARCA (Romania), OCC (Greece), and OCC (Spain).

Youth4All is a European project on the labour integration of young migrants in rural areas, in Catalonia and Greece.
It brings together a professional training school Escoles Rurals d’Osona, OCC Spain, and OCC Greece.

Funded by the European Union through Erasmus+.

Stories 4 All is a European project focused on communicating about migration with a gender lens. 

It brings together OCC Spain, OCC Greece, and Revista Yemayá.

Past projects



RE.BE.CO (REfugees to BEcome COnselours and trainers) seeks to promote the inclusion of young migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in European countries.

It brings together four organisations: !Fall (Sweden), Partecipazione e Sviluppo (Italy), and OCC (Spain & Greece).



A European network of code schools made possible by various nonprofit organisations. The network collaborates with corporate business and other organisations to support vulnerable groups all throughout Europe. It also promotes the exchange of best practices between all schools.