First months of the climate analysis project

In the current situation, working is not easy for anyone, but from “La Caldera” we can confirm that we are satisfied with all the objectives which we have been accomplishing up to now within our project, despite the context. Despite having started with a certain delay due to the chaos generated by the current crisis, we were able to work in different areas of our project which we would like to highlight.

First of all, in August we embarked on a journey to Murcia and Castilla-La Mancha, where we went to do a reportage about the Segura river, the most overexploited river in Europe. This reportage, containing text and photographs, was published in the magazine “La Marea”.

Then in September, we published a coverage in “El Salto” on biodiversity loss as a vector that amplifies the ability of new pandemics to emerge. Later on, when summer was over, we began a close collaboration with “Mataró Audiovisual”, with whom we reached an agreement to do a radio programme every fifteen days.

Since then, we have already done seven programs dedicated to different themes, such as Water management, media communication on climate change, resettlement as a tool for global balance, air pollution, and biodiversity loss, the figure of climate refugees, extreme meteorological phenomena, Green Deals and coastline management. At the same time, we have been accumulating a whole series of photographs and videos which will be shown in the months of May and June in screenings and exhibitions.

Last but not least, during all this time we have created our social networks, and soon our website will be public.

At the same time, we kept on working in reports which will show up pretty soon: we have dealt with the resettlement of interior Catalonia as a tool for global balance, the current health of Maresme’s coastline, a long-running coverage in the Ebro delta and the recovery of hydroelectric power plants in the Pyrinees.

We are eager to be able to do all of them!