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Open Cultural Center is mainly powered by an amazing volunteer community, including ESC (European Solidarity Corps) participants and interns. On this page, you can discover the different opportunities and more information about the roles, or directly apply through the form below.

ESC (European Solidarity Corps) possibilities

The European Solidarity Corps is a European Union initiative that creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in social impact projects in their own country or abroad benefitting communities and people around Europe.

These projects offer an inspiring and empowering experience, as well as the chance to bring change while developing your skills and competences. OCC offers a wide range of volunteering options for people to join our team through ESC.

Language teaching possibilities

One of the larger projects in Open Cultural Center Barcelona is teaching languages by and to migrants and locals. The main aim is to bring different communities together through the power of language learning and a great volunteer community.

We regularly need teachers for the following languages who can teach at least one class a week for 3 months: Catalan, Spanish, English, and Arabic (usually beginner and intermediate levels).

MigraCode volunteering possibilities

Are you experienced in coding or working in HR and interested in helping our MigraCode students with their journey to becoming web developers?

Very often, we need new volunteers for MigraCode Barcelona, a tech academy for migrant and refugee people.

CodeWomen volunteering possibilities

Are you experienced in coding or working in HR and interested in helping CodeWomen participants start a tech career? Would you like to contribute towards promoting inclusivity in the industry?

Join CodeWomen, a supportive community of women and gender non-conforming individuals

Internship possibilities

There are a variety of tasks that interns can perform in support of various departments, and they are also given the option to carry out research that is required for their studies.

The minimum stay for an internship at OCC Spain is 6 months and in Greece 3 months. At the moment, we only receive Erasmus+ sponsored internships. You can find more information about that here – please note you need to apply for this grant yourself, and we recommend applying for the grant before applying to our organisation.

*Currently, the OCC team is not offering any internship positions. However, don’t hesitate to contact info@openculturalcenter.org for more information.

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