Join the workshop with IAAC FabLab Barcelona

It is a serie of three workshops carried out in FabLab Barcelona , focused on the collaboration of communities for the upcycling of unused clothing through the use of different tools.

  • First workshop – 24th of February at 12.30
  • Total number of participants – 10 people.


Migrants and refugees who have lived in Spain for the last 6 months. You must be no older than 40 years old and interested in sharing and/or learning skills related to clothing and its sustainability.

If you are interested, please send your Motivation Letter to:



Tommaso worked for the last three years as an interior and product designer and also founded a coworking space in Italy. Now, his vision has evolved to a position inside the design field.Tommaso would like to focus on the connection and collaboration between different people, his current project includes the collaboration of refugees and migrants currently living in Barcelona. The main goal is to work together to better the living situation inside refugee camps and their integration in host communities.


A Qatar based Jordanian multidisciplinary designer, whose focus is on Digital Fabrication and designing for a more inclusive future. Her previous projects include space design and a methodology for mothers living in the Al Za’atari camp in Jordan to learn and cook nutritious meals for themselves and the children attending the school nearby. Hala is currently working on creating a methodology for Barcelona to increase inclusion and appreciation between local and migrant communities.