Language Exchange in Barcelona: the first of many to come

On Thursday 9th of September, the Language Lab held its first Language Exchange since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. Read all the details about how it went and what we did in this blog post! 

The event was organized with the aim of practising Spanish and Arabic, as well as to be an opportunity for the students of the different courses to get to know each other. After more than one year doing online classes, it was great not to speak to each other through a screen… For some students, it was even the first time they saw their teacher face-to-face! 

Of course, the Language Exchange was open to everyone: not only to students, teachers, or OCC members, but also to anyone interested in joining the classes, knowing more information about our community, or simply spending a nice afternoon with new people. Around 15 people joined this first Language Exchange, which took place in Parc de l’Estació del Nord, near Arc de Triomf. In the end, this simple meet up turned out to be a fun, interesting and inspiring exchange of stories, experiences, and knowledge. 

Apart from offering free language classes to the migrant and refugee community, the Language Lab has two main objectives: build a multicultural language community and learn together in an intercultural setting. With no doubt, these two aims were fulfilled during the Language Exchange. Below you can see some photos of the event, as well as a short description of the activities organised for the different groups. 

Thank you so much to everyone who came to spend their afternoon with us. This first Language Exchange was so successful that Open Cultural Center has decided to repeat it on a regular basis. Stay tuned! 

Photos: Open Cultural Center.

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Amb el suport de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona.