Language Lab

In our Language Lab in the heart of Barcelona we offer a wide range of free language classes for members of our NGO (individuals and organisations). Our membership for those who want to follow the classes is only 10 euros per month. Refugees and migrants can join cost-free depending on their situation, and we also have special subscriptions for companies.


Beginner & Intermediate

Tuesday & Wednesday evenings


Beginner & Intermediate

Tuesday & Wednesday evenings


Beginner & Intermediate

Monday & Thursday evenings


Beginner & Intermediate

Monday & Thursday evenings

Important note: due to the Covid situation, our classes are mainly online at the moment. However, whenever possible, we organise regular language exchange events!

What can you expect?

  • Voluntary, enthusiastic teachers, some experienced and some in the beginning phase of their teaching career
  • Learning materials, but please bring your own writing materials or laptop to keep notes etc.
  • A great atmosphere in our Cultural Center, where you will meet people from all over the world
  • To make an impact: your contribution as a member is directly used for our projects in Spain and Greece.

Integration and community building through our classes

While for instance the Spanish classes are given by locals, many of the other classes are given by refugees or migrants who have arrived in Barcelona. Through teaching, they can gain professional experience in a foreign language, feel empowered and share their culture with others.

Schedules and start date

We start new classes every 3 months: January, April, July and September.

Each cohort lasts 3 months and has 2 classes on a weekly basis. After finishing a full class period, you can move to a next level of your language, or switch languages!

We kindly ask students who commit to our classes to show up at our class activities or let us know in time if they cannot make a class. As we work with volunteer teachers, motivated students is the best way to reward them!

If you have any questions about schedules and starting dates, please reach out to

How to start?

Starting at our school is easy and fun! Depending on your situation, you can find out how to join our school below.

For anyone

Membership from 10 euros a month

To join Language Lab, you need to sign up as a member of OCC through the button below and follow the steps to start learning a language with us.

IMPORTANT: We are a non-profit organization supporting migrants and refugees in Spain and Greece. If you want to support our work before the start of your course, you can already become a member signing up below. If you don’t want to contribute before starting your classes, click on ‘Waiting list’ to be notified when we start the new cohort (January, April, July and September).

For migrants/refugees


Please follow the button below to sign up for free if you are a migrant/refugee. If you doubt if you are eligable for the free classes, contact us at

For organisations

Subscription from 100 euros a month

Subscribe to our company subscription through the page below and receive a form you can send to your employees to sign up. Language classes for your employees + contributing to a good cause at the same time!

How do we teach?

Currently, we mainly teach online due to the Covid situation. We use two main tools to teach our classes and grow our language-exchange community:

  • Slack: to talk to other students, with teachers, ask questions between classes and find other useful information.
  • Google Meet: to have the online classes and be in direct contact with your teachers and fellow students.

At the same time, we organise in-person language exchange events, for instance in a park or at our center, and you can also ask other language learners to join you in an improvised language exchange!

A great way to learn new languages while also getting to know new people from different countries and cultures!

Student at Open Cultural Center