Language program for Minors from Morocco

At OCC Barcelona, volunteer teachers provide English and Spanish classes to minors from Morocco. Together with several organisations that work with minors, OCC has been able to provide educational and cultural activities in order to promote integration and inclusion. This enables them to integrate better into the community and society and gives them a sense of comfort in their new environment, not to mention furthering their abilities to obtain jobs in the future.

In addition to receiving language classes, they also participate in a cultural activity once a week which is comprised of a programme of various different activities aimed at discovering the environment they live in with an emphasis on learning and understanding about their current country. There are two main components of these activities: classroom-based and outdoor activities. Outings may include museum visits, learning in a different environment, be it the park or the beach, or non-educational group activities such as games and sport. Alternatively, we also provide indoor classroom activities that encourage them to look deeper into themselves. Volunteers have prepared cultural activities centred around their country of origin- Morocco. The purpose of this is to create a sense of comfort and help them realise their own heritage and culture, whilst also encouraging self-awareness.

The minors arrive to Europe in search of new opportunities that Morocco isn’t able to offer them. As written here in a report by Oxfam, “income inequality in Morocco is the highest in North Africa”. Despite developing a healthy GDP over the last decade, there is a widening gap between the richest and poorest inhabitants. One in eight Moroccans were considered to be economically vulnerable and at risk of falling into poverty. They leave their lives, including friends and families, behind with hopes of better possibilities waiting for them in Europe. For the fortunate few, they are covered by centres, like those affiliated with OCC, who provide them with basic aid and opportunities, however, this doesn’t offer them complete security and their lives remain precarious. This is why at OCC we work hard to give them the best educational and social skills we can in hopes of instilling meaning and structure to their lives.