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  • The externalisation of EU borders: The imperative need for intercultural interaction
    In this article, and linked to our previous one about externalisation of EU borders, we show how the importance of intercultural interaction within Europe through our project “INTEgreat”.
  • Bridging the Gap to Social Services in Croatia and Greece: Enhancing Digital Skills for Migrants and Refugees
    This article brings together the perspectives of Borders:None and OCC Greece, two NGOs working towards the integration and inclusion of refugees and asylum seekers respectively in Croatia and Greece. Both experiences aim to shed light on their ongoing difficulties in reaching their target groups and on the importance of fostering community support and digital skills. How to overcome distance in …
  • A Lost Paradise: Identity Quest from the Palestinian Diaspora
    Continuing our series of Insights by OCC, in this second article we explore the relationship that Palestinian displaced youth, born and raised in refugee camps or in diaspora, have with Palestine and their sense of identity. We will retrace how their sense of belonging to Palestine can be constructed through three different voices, while providing an overview of the situation of Palestinian refugees in different Arab countries.
  • Colombia: when peace and conflict coexist
    What is going on in Colombia after the election of a historically leftist government? Did the peace agreement really bring a stop to violence in the country? Is there hope for the new government? Nelly and Lucía, two Colombian women who migrated to Spain, tell us their stories to help us get closer to the reality of Buenaventura, a port on Colombia’s Pacific coast. A place full of contradictions, that summarises many of the main issues of the country, where prosperity and poverty clash into violence, but where the potential of a future Colombia can already be perceived.