Youth 4 All

Youth for All is a project of emancipation and autonomy for newcomer youth in rural areas. Carried out by OCC Spain, it is aimed at youngsters with a migration background who don’t have family and/or adult references in Catalonia and have been left without the state protection. Minors (under the age of 18) receive protection from the State, but once they reach the age of 18, they no longer have access to this support. Within this project, OCC provides them with housing, training, and support. The project is located in Moianès, a rural area in central Catalonia, and the training provided ranges from agricultural, forestry and/or digital skills, as well as language classes and volunteering activities.

An answer to social and territorial challenges: the need of labour inclusion of vulnerable youth and the need of generational renewal in rural areas.

The aim is not only to facilitate the social and labour inclusion of this collective in rural areas across the territory but also to contribute to the highly needed generational renewal of the agricultural sector while providing an option to those who are still in a vulnerable position and could benefit from housing and support to enter the labor market and access meaningful employment opportunities.

During 12 months, the project provides participants with the following:

  • Personalised emancipatory plan
  • Professional curriculum (e.g., agriculture, forestry, etc.) structured in modules
  • Provision of basic digital skills and competencies aimed at improving their job opportunities
  • Local referents and strengthened social network
  • Improved language skills of Spanish and Catalan through 250 hours of workshops
  • 80% rate of labour insertion in the 12 following months after the end of the project

The project offers specific training tailored to the needs of the territory:

FINA – Formació Inclusiva en Agricultural Ecològica

Offered in the first edition, it consisted of a training program in agriculture and livestock through which participants were provided with the necessary tools, skills, and competencies to professionally develop in the agricultural sector.

AFFI – Acció Formativa Forestal Inclusiva

Offered in the second and current edition, it consists of a training aimed at introducing the world of forestry and fire prevention to the youth, through which they can acquire the necessary knowledge and tools to professionally develop in the forestry sector.

Volunteering as a tool for personal development

Volunteering activities are considered in the project as an excellent learning tool, as they help project participants acquire new knowledge while expanding their social network. Thus, Youth 4 All promotes volunteering in the territory among the youngsters as a way to work on their personal emancipation and autonomy, while prioritising those activities focused on the forestry sector – in order to increase their knowledge.