OCC Languages renewed: A fresh start!

Interested in learning Spanish, Arabic, Farsi or Catalan? Then OCC is the best place to learn at an affordable price and from native speakers in the heart of Barcelona.

Starting from 15th September, we will begin our new language course at our centre in the El Born district of Barcelona. With Spanish and Catalan being two of the most widely spoken languages in Barcelona, and Arabic and Farsi being popular languages to learn, we realise the importance of not only offering classes in these languages but also focusing on the quality rather than the quantity of the classes we provide. Here at OCC, we are fortunate enough to have local volunteer teachers, all of whom are native speakers, who are keen and willing to dedicate their time to creating the best quality classes available to students. Whether you are just starting out learning or would like to improve the level you have, we offer classes at both beginner and intermediate levels.

Due to safety measures, we have a limited number of spaces available per class, thus, students will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. In addition to this, subscriptions for the first course are only open for the period of: 15th August – 1st October; however, should we fill the maximum capacity of students before the end of this time frame, we will close subscriptions.

Presently, our classes are being conducted online, and should the need arise by 15th September, we will prioritise safety measures and proceed to supply these classes in the same manner. This is for the safety of students and teachers alike. With that being said, we hope this will not be the case, and we intend, considering conditions improve, that we will be able to provide these classes in person. The centre will, of course, abide by the safety measures appropriate at the time.

Keep in mind that we are only a small organisation and not an official language school; our teachers are composed of volunteers who give their time freely to teach their language to others. We look forward to welcoming you back in our centre soon!