OCC publishes a “Best Practice Report” for the project “DownToEarth”

The 29th of February 2024 marked the last day of the European project Youth4All!

Thanks to this project we have learned more about the inclusion of migrants and refugees in rural areas through agricultural and forestry education. Concretely, we carried out a needs assessment on the challenges young migrants face to find employment in rural areas in Greece and Catalonia and we researched existing programmes and organisations that developed integration programs aimed at the social and labour integration of vulnerable groups. From that, we were able to identify best practices that can serve any organisation looking to develop or strengthen an integration program for migrant youth in rural areas.

Find our final report below.

Youth4All aimed at sharing knowledge and best practices involving different partners working on social innovation for the inclusion of migrants and refugees in rural areas. It brought together EFA Quintanes, OCC Greece, and OCC Spain.

This project was funded by the European Union through Erasmus+.