OCC will manage ‘¡Ojalá!’, the app to break the linguistic barrier in Spain

¡Ojalá! is not just an app for learning Spanish; it’s much more. It’s the first application for migrant and refugee people who struggle with reading. Launched a year ago by the association Action For Education, OCC Spain will now take over its management.

¡Ojalá! allows users to learn Spanish from languages such as Wolof and Darija, as well as Modern Standard Arabic, French and English. With this app, you will learn vocabulary and everyday conversations that will allow you to move around Spain and interact with the locals.

The application has audiovisual tools and a literacy program for those who struggle with reading and/or whose native language does not have a written format, so they can also learn Spanish from the recognition of sounds and places.

This is a very exciting project to break the linguistic barrier that so often hinders the inclusion of people with a migration background.

Sounds like an app for you? Download it now over here!