Our progress with Untold Stories

Project ¨Untold Stories¨ has started in August 2020. So far, the project has been very interesting for all the people involved. We had the opportunity to hear the story of around 30 people from 26 nationalities.

The project activities are being carried either in person or through online interviews, and after that, the interviewed are invited to take part in one photo-session. We had great moments meeting a few participants in person when we were allowed. With the covid-19 conditions oscillating, however, our team had to adapt while implementing the project. The main impacts were in the interviews, which now are mostly conducted online. Photo-sessions were also affected and, unfortunately, we could not meet some participants in person yet.

In this meantime, we could gladly see that all of the participants have different and really inspiring stories, which show how different experiences of adapting to a new city can be and what Barcelona means for each of them.

On the other hand, the volunteers also have been having a lot of good experiences by getting to know such interesting stories and also sharing their own as participants. We also are very excited about learning how to conduct interviews, take professional pictures among many other skills.

Besides that, we finally also had our official webpage and Instagram account launched, and every week new stories are coming. You can check our webpage here! We are proud to say that it was developed with the help of Aleksey, one of our students from the Migracode project. For other updates, don’t forget to follow our Instagram.

For the coming months, we expect to keep interviewing new participants and listening to very different stories. Our goal is to reach 40 people and share the most diverse range of narratives we can. As part of the project, a photobook and photo-exposition will also be organized, so that we can share the results of this inspiring initiative with the local community and reach our aim of raising awareness on the locals. We will have news on the next steps very soon, so stay tuned!