Our Story

April 2016

The OCC was set up in early April 2016 and came from a collective initiative from independent volunteers working in the Idomeni refugee camps.

From April 2016

Refugees and international volunteers worked together to give classes and create a safe environment for children as well as adults, where they could continue to learn despite living in the camps.

More in 2016

The ICC also hosted cultural activities and events such as art and music classes, open-mic performances and movie nights. In Idomeni, the Cultural Center quickly turned into a significant resource in the camp, with over 150 children and over 80 adults attending the classes and events.

May 2016

After the shutdown of the Idomeni camp on May 24th 2016, the OCC followed the refugees to the official camps in Cherso and Sounio, taking their experiences and resources with them so as to continue the classes, workshops and cultural activities imparted by the refugees.

End of 2016

The OCC officially registered as a non-lucrative organization in 2016 with the name Open Cultural Center, to be able to continue their work in the current official camps.


With the cooperation of many volunteers and with the support of the people in the camps we are working hard towards our goals and making our projects come true.