Past Projects

Sports Community Building


Sports may be one of the best ways to bring people together and create understanding towards other people. This is why OCC is always trying to organise various sports events, ranging from cycling and football to volleyball and hiking. In Greece for instance, we regularly organise football tournaments (once even in collaboration with La Liga!), and in Spain we have a cycling group exisiting of MigraCode students and volunteers.

Untold Stories Barcelona


“Untold Stories” is one initiative thought by a group of youth people with the goal of sharing the perspectives of people who left their countries for different reasons and found in Barcelona their new home. The was designed to act as a platform to share the voices of people who would like to tell their experiences, thus, showing the diversity and richness of cultures that meet in Barcelona. Through interviewing people from different origins and cultures we would like to promote solidarity and intercultural dialogue, but also to show the fact that we are all different, each of us in our unique way.

The Selfie of Migration (#BOZA)


We have collaborated in this wonderful project led by journalists Anna Surinyach and Severine Sajous. The output of the project is #BOZA: a film about people on the move from the African continent to Europe. In first person narrative and using videos and Selfies, Alhassane, Aminata, Mamadou, Mariam and Yahya tell their journeys and their goal of making “boza”.