The OCC Podcast

By Belén Sánchez Bermúdez, for OCC

This podcast aims to humanise and give voice to the thousands of people fleeing war and seeking a future in Europe. It focuses on the stories of two Afghan refugee women in Greece. It is produced by journalist Belén Sánchez Bermúdez for Open Cultural Center.

01/06/2022 – 11min. 20s.

Episode 1 – Hope

 The young Afghan protagonists of this podcast, Duniya and Arezo, tell their arrival by boat in Greece and the hell they experienced in the Moria refugee camp. They also share their feelings towards Greek society.

01/06/2022 – 11min. 14s.

Episode 2 – Wait

Duniya and Arezo explain the complexity of the asylum application in Greece, and their experience as volunteers at OCC. They talk about their future as refugee women and call for dignified treatment.

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