Over and Out: Ukraine

By Open Cultural Center

This podcast discusses stories from Ukraine looking at various aspects of the conflict, and the stories of those who have been affected by it.

19/01/2024 – 9min. 12s.

Episode 1 – The emergency response in Spain & Greece

This first episode focuses on the emergency response in Spain & Greece following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in Feburary 2022. This episode features the voice of Montserrat Rovira who is the Head of the Department of Emergency Services and Social Emergencies at the Ajuntament de Barcelona, and Panagiotis Moisidis who is the EU Projects Manager at OCC Greece. The program is presented by Thomas Leroux from the OCC’s communication team.

26/01/2024 – 31min. 31s.

Episode 2 – In conversation with Mariana Helysh

In the second instalment of our series focusing on Ukraine, our host Tom has a conversation with Mariana Helysh, a young Ukrainian graduate in international relations now based in Barcelona. Together they discuss the importance of journalism in the context of war, the cultural revival taking place in Ukraine, Mariana’s experience of living in Spain and finally her perspective on the future of the country and its young people.

The OCC Podcast

By Belén Sánchez Bermúdez, for OCC

This podcast aims to humanise and give voice to the thousands of people fleeing war and seeking a future in Europe. It focuses on the stories of two Afghan refugee women in Greece. It is produced by journalist Belén Sánchez Bermúdez for Open Cultural Center.

01/06/2022 – 11min. 20s.

Episode 1 – Hope

 The young Afghan protagonists of this podcast, Duniya and Arezo, tell their arrival by boat in Greece and the hell they experienced in the Moria refugee camp. They also share their feelings towards Greek society.

01/06/2022 – 11min. 14s.

Episode 2 – Wait

Duniya and Arezo explain the complexity of the asylum application in Greece, and their experience as volunteers at OCC. They talk about their future as refugee women and call for dignified treatment.

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