The book “My Friend!” is a project by Open Cultural Center that was created in the refugee camp of Cherso, to the north of Thessaloniki.  With the words and drawings by children in the refugee camp, it explains the journey of refugees to arrive in Greece.

Read more about the book below or scroll down to buy the Spanish, Catalan or English version.

Abdul, Elaf, Amar and Heva are some of the children who illustrated and explained their personal stories: their life in Syria, before and during the war, the journey to Europe, life in the camp in Greece and their dreams for the future.

A very beautiful little book with drawings and testimonies by the children. The story is overwhelmingly eloquent, because it exudes that naturalness with which children speak of the horror, the tenacity and hope with which they cling to life, their joy at making friends or dreaming of a better future.” – Rosa Montero in El Pais

Gift the book “My Friend!” and contribute towards the education of refugee children in Northern Greece. The price/donation of the book is 10 € which will be used to continue financing the activities of Open Cultural Center in Greece.


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