Roy’s ESC volunteer experience at OCC Barcelona

My full-time project is teaching arabic. But I also had some other tasks like going to schools to inform them about the situation of refugees, and other times prepare food for the intercultural events hosted by OCC.

The city is very nice, I do like it a lot, it’s very big and beautiful city. When I was 10 years old I had dream…it was to be in Spain, and now I’m here.

My students sometimes faced challenges, especially beginners. For beginners to learn Arabic it is very difficult because everything is the opposite of English. One challenge I faced was sometimes that I did not know about some grammar rules of my own language, because for me it comes naturally, I do not have to think about the grammar.

Some of my favorite memories when I started my new life were the lessons, learning new languages and doing things I love such as my favorite sport which is swimming. Completing my project with OCC was also a dream come true. Last but not least, one of my favorite moments was meeting with my family.

My plan for the future would definitely be maybe start a business and be with my family.

My advice for future volunteers is to enjoy and use this time wisely. For me, this was the best time, full of good opportunities. It was here that I found myself and became stronger.