Refugee community dinner

In collaboration with Refugee Education Network, Open Cultural Center and the El Foco restaurant, we organize weekly dinners for Ukrainian refugees that have just arrived to Barcelona, with a main purpose to create a warm and welcoming space for Ukrainian refugees to form connections, build community, and celebrate their culture.

Promoting cultural exchange and community building

The dinners are two courses with a glass of wine or juice, and are accompanied by a performance by a local Ukrainian singer, who ends each performance with the Ukrainian national anthem. The restaurant is arranged with long family style tables to promote discussion and a social atmosphere.

Unlike a traditional soup kitchen, guests are waited on with the same attentiveness as they would be during any normal meal at a restaurant. Meals are always vegetarian to accommodate as many dietary needs as possible. The servers and back of house are all volunteers.


To promote an open and safe space for recently arrived refugees.

For who

Recently arrived Ukrainian people (but in the future any migrant in Barcelona).


Every Tuesday from 19:00 to 21:00.


In the El Foco restaurant in the heart of Barcelona: Carrer d’Aribau, 3.

The organizers

How can you help?

We need both donations as well as volunteers!

VOLUNTEERING | If you are interested to help out with preparing the dinners, serving or cleaning up afterwards, just send an email to

DONATING | Per week we spend about 200 euros on food costs for about 30 people joining the dinner, which is about €800 per month and €2,400 per quarter.

If you want to donate, just click on the button below to open our donation campaign page where you can make a small contribution (or a large one) to help us buy the food!