Refugee School

Refuge School is an educational program of promotion and awareness which starts after the book My Friend!, a book elaborated by children from the refugees camp of Cherso (Greece) with the collaboration of volunteers form OCC. The book had a very good diffusion and reception in all Catalonia and this brought us to make thee editions with a total of 10.000 books. This massive sale has been possible thanks to the educative community which, through the educational guide, has worked on the book at the classrooms with children and adolescents.

From this good reception we started visiting the different schools with the aim of explaining the current situation of refugee’s people, their daily life in the camps and their future projections.

During 2017, volunteers from OCC had been passing through the different schools to share their different experiences. The demand of the schools and high schools and their predisposition regarding this subject brought us to collaborate through the project Refuge School with the objective of reaching more children and youths, as well as to work together this reality which seems to be so far but in reality is really close to us.