Spanish classes

The classes

We offer classes that are taught by native speakers. By becoming a member you will get access to free classes and also support our organization that aims to foster social inclusion and integration of refugees and vulnerable people.


You can find the timetable here. The location of the classes is in our center in the middle of Barcelona at Carrer del Rec 27. If you are already a member and want to make changes, check this page.


The first classes start in the week of the 15th of September. Please note that your monthly donation start from the moment of registration. Each course has a duration of three months.

Classes during COVID19/Coronavirus situation

At this moment we cannot give classes in our center in El Born due to the COVID19/Coronavirus situation. However, we are continuing are language classes through online sessions via Google Hangouts. Before the class, we send you a link and you can join as it would be a normal class! As soon as we can organise classes in our center again we will inform you, including the location and how to get there.

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