Support our work

For a large part, our organisation is based on individual donations. Some come from regular donating members, some are one-time donations to support our work. Have a look at the different possibilities to financially contribute to our organisation and help us to make our projects happen.

What happens with your contribution?

We make sure that every financial contribution to our organisation is well-spent. We are a fairly small organisation, and your donation is used to directly support our projects. Your donation may be used to finance:

  • The costs of the salaries of our small main teams in Spain and Greece (small, because we further mainly work with volunteers)
  • The costs of space usage/rental, such as our cafetaria in Greece or our community center in Barcelona
  • The costs for materials, ranging from office supplies to workshop materials for our benificaries
  • The costs of housing for our volunteers (shared rooms in appartments in Barcelona and Greece)

How to support us?

Become a

Support our organisation on a monthly basis, starting from 10 euros a month. Not only will you support us on a regular basis, you can also make use of various member benefits!

Make a

Support us through a one-time donation that goes directly into our yearly budget for projects. Already a 5-euro donation can contribute to our various projects in Spain and Greece!

Buy our

With the words and drawings by children in the refugee camp, “My Friend” explains the journey of refugees to arrive in Greece. Book purchases will be directly used to finance our organisation!

Are you a company?

Join our Corporate Social Responsibility Program and benefit from great shared value by investing in social impact.

Pre hiring selection of our beneficiaries

Regular social media dissemination

Influence on our curriculums

Company name exclusively used for sponsored activities/projects

Designated page on our website about the collaboration

What are donations not used for?

Too often, money is not well-spend in the nonprofit sector. However, we make sure that this is not the case at our organisation. Therefore, we guarantee that donations are not used for:

  • Extensive salaries, also not for our main management
  • Projects that do not have a direct impact on migrant populations, or that do not contribute to advocacy, free education or knowledge exchange
  • Expensive computer hardware, as we have strong collaborations with the tech sector which allows us to only work with donated materials, to also limit our ecological footprint
  • Unnecessary or over-luxury work spaces – instead we use basic offices, share our spaces with other organisations or use the spaces of our business partners