The reality of the refugee crisis during a global pandemic

For World Refugee Day, which takes place every 20th of June, our ESC volunteers Charlotte and Marcel wrote an article about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the migrant and refugee community. The article was published on Nonprofit, a news portal on the third sector and volunteering that is managed by Catalan nonprofit organisations.

In the text, Charlotte and Marcel ran through the negative effects that the pandemic had on NGOs and organizations working in the third sector, which in turn generated severe effects on migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers in need of assistance across Europe. They brought to light, for example, what the closure of borders meant for marginalised communities; or how difficult teleworking became due to bad connection in certain humanitarian contexts, such as in refugee camps. Finally, the article also explains some of the difficulties Open Cultural Center dealt – indeed, still dealing – with during the pandemic.

You can read the full piece published on Nonprofit here.