Untold Stories

“Untold Stories” is one initiative thought by a group of youth people with the goal of sharing the perspectives of people who left their countries for different reasons and found in Barcelona their new home.

The was designed to act as a platform to share the voices of people who would like to tell their experiences, thus, showing the diversity and richness of cultures that meet in Barcelona. Through interviewing people from different origins and cultures we would like to promote solidarity and intercultural dialogue, but also to show the fact that we are all different, each of us in our unique way.

The total duration of the project is 10 months, in which the volunteers will interview around 40 participants in order to know more about their lives and motivations for moving to Barcelona. In this initiative, we are searching for diversity, so the goal is to hear from people with different backgrounds, ages, and nationalities, currently living in Barcelona, interested in telling their stories as well as sharing their perspectives about the process of settling into this new city.

But how will the project be developed? The first part of the project consists of conducting interviews with volunteer participants.

The interviews are done in a relaxed way and are planned to last around 30 minutes. After that, the participants are invited to have their photo taken to feature alongside their stories. In the second part of the project, the online platform of Untold Stories is published and each participant’s story and photo is being posted.

The final stage of Untold Stories – planned to occur in June – consists of the organization of a photobook and celebration of a photo exhibition to be opened to the entire community.

After being started, the project has undergone some important changes. The first was the modification of its brand. The project formerly named “Voices of Barcelona” now has the name “Untold Stories”. This change was necessary once we became aware of the existence of projects with similar titles in Barcelona.

Second, In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as in face of some cuts in the original budget, some of the activities and results team to redesign some results planned initially, especially those concerning events, the reach of online engagement (number of followers), and the number of visitors to the events. Likewise, the activities and model of work of the project were also adapted due to COVID, so a big share of the activities was performed with our team working from home.

All of the changes and modifications somehow represented challenges but also were important for the development of creative solutions to keep the project going on.

Untold Stories is a project funded by the European Commission through the European Solidarity Corps program. This European Commission initiative intends to financially support projects and activities carried by groups of young people to help to bring positive change to the local community.