Vicky’s European Volunteering experience

Hi, my name is Vicky and I am from Greece. I have a master in political science and the last months I have the opportunity to be part of the OCC team as an EVS volunteer.

As a person, I am interested in diversity and the possibilities that stem and develop from it. I think that diversity, in any form, is something beautiful that enriches society.

In the past I have worked as a volunteer in several organizations, that directly or indirectly manage diverse groups, but I never had the opportunity to get really involved. Cooperating with Open Cultural Center, is a totally different experience. Not only I come across with different activities and get involved in different projects, but also have the opportunity to get in touch with people that I could never get in touch before. My interaction with several people from different parts of the world and with different cultural backgrounds is a really interesting procedure that I think helps me in several ways. This social and cultural exchange helps everyone understand that what separates us is way lesser than what combine us.

My daily activities here in Open Cultural Center include projects, different activities and Arabic classes. OCC offered me a unique opportunity to come in touch with topics that I have previously approached only theoretically. I am happy to see myself get involved in different projects that have a real impact in refugees lives. Moreover, I have the opportunity to attend Arabic classes. Learning Arabic is really interesting, combined with the fact that classes are offered from an Iraqi refugee.

I think that this is a unique experience and I want to get the most of it. I am convinced that all the knowledge obtained will help me at a professional level, but also this kind of experience will help me evolve as a person too.

My advice for everyone interested in doing an EVS is just do it, is a lifetime experience. Keep learning cause life never stops teaching.