We are hiring: EU Projects & CSR Manager

Full time position at Open Cultural Center Spain (physically in Barcelona)


Open Cultural Center is looking for a motivated new team member that will design, manage and carry out European Erasmus+ projects, while also taking charge of our Corporate Social Responsibility collaborations with the private sector. This position requires strong management, communication and fundraising skills.

The organisation

Open Cultural Center is a non-profit organisation that carries out various projects with migrants and refugees in Spain and Greece. In Barcelona, we offer various educational and cultural activities to both local people and newcomers to increase social inclusion and support migrants and refugees in finding their way into Spanish society. We do this in strong collaboration with the private sector for ensuring funding, volunteers and other forms of support, while also working closely with other organisations through Erasmus+ projects.

What will you do?

This role contains two main aspects: the management of most of our European Projects and the design of new ones, and the management of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) collaborations with our private sector partners, including the development of new ones. Below you can find a detailed description of the related responsibilities of each aspect:


  • Daily implementation and management of several social impact projects in partnership with European organisations
  • Monitoring the progress of milestones and deliverables
  • Ensure quality reporting and submission of deliverables on time
  • Plan and organise project activities including transnational meetings with partners
  • Communication with partners and other stakeholders
  • Participation in events, meetings and trainings related to the projects 
  • Communication with representants of donor institutions


  • Maintain and extend current CSR partnerships with our private partners
  • Connect to new private partners and develop new CSR partnerships 
  • Monitor ongoing partnerships and ensure that we meet quality and justification requirements 
  • Design and develop CSR partnership proposals and materials
  • Attend (networking) events and (co-)organise events with and for our partners
  • Further build and extend our CSR strategy and further implement the following aspects in our strategy:
    • Recruitment of OCCs beneficiaries by partners from the tech sector;
    • Financial support through sponsorship and other corporate fundraising methods;
    • Space usage for our activities;
    • Effective corporate volunteering programs;
    • OCC memberships for partner’s employees.

What do we offer?

  • Monthly netto salary of €1250 (40hs a week)
  • The opportunity to work in the passionate environment of a grassroots organisation in the heart of Barcelona and with strong connections to our Greek branch
  • A flexible working schedule and the opportunity to work remotely maximum 3 days a week
  • An opportunity to work in an intercultural team consisting of employees, volunteers and external partners
  • The opportunity to develop profound knowledge and experience in CSR and European Projects
  • The possibility to join transnational meetings with partner NGOs throughout Europe

What are the job requirements?

Must haves:

  • Have project management experience including report writing experience
  • Have good skills in Excel/Google Sheets and preferably also in other Project Management tools such as Trello and Slack
  • Have an advanced level of English and Spanish
  • Have an understanding of how Erasmus+ / EU projects work
  • To be flexible, proactive and open-minded: we work in a fast-changing environment and you have to be capable to adjust to sudden changes and new developments

Preferable skills:

  • Speaking Catalan is  a big advantage
  • Experience in recruitment and in the private sector are strongly preferred
  • Have advanced knowledge of Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • Have experience designing professional documents and reports (ideally with Canva.com and/or Google Docs) 


Applications are closed.